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(Also, see here the work created as a result of this visit.)

Leeds is a special place for me because at 18 I left home and went to study French and Spanish at the university there. I left in 1982 and hadn't been back since. So visiting a couple of weeks ago to take photos of the place has been interesting. My life as an 18 year old revolved around studying, drinking, dancing, partying and snogging - not necessarily in that order. So I never once set foot inside Leeds Art Gallery or museum. In fact, I'm not sure I knew of their existence.

University of Leeds

This time around, however, I have had the joy not only of visiting the university campus - filled with such young people, and as vibrant as ever - but also of visiting the Art Gallery and Henry Moore Gallery as well. They are free, and wonderful, and the former has a gorgeous Victorian tiled cafe (once the reading room of the library) as well. The sun shone on me as I walked around Leeds: checked out the gorgeous Victorian arcades - which I do remember from the 70s, listened to the buskers and generally enjoyed the buzz and bustle of this beautiful city. I hope my enthusiasm is reflected in the work I produce.

Victorian Arcade in Leeds

Leeds Market Building

Mosaic floor - Leeds Art Gallery

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